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BBC Spotlight – Lyn Gooding

In an interview on BBC Spotlight, Lyn Gooding, the Chief Executive of First Light, emphasises the importance of providing dedicated support to survivors, highlighting the key principles of belief, listening and support.

It is a tragic reality that many survivors have faced scepticism, doubt, and disbelief when sharing their experiences. First Light stands as a beacon of change, ensuring that survivors are heard and validated. Lyn Gooding shares the message that every survivor’s story matters, and their experiences will be acknowledged with compassion and belief.

Lyn highlights the support system that First Light offers. From considering physical and mental well-being to making informed decisions, survivors are not alone on this journey.

It is important that survivors are given the time they need to consider their options, whether to report or not. First Light’s approach recognises that each survivor’s journey is unique, and they are in charge of their decisions. This empowerment reinforces a sense of action, allowing survivors to take their own path.

Sexual abuse knows no boundaries, it is not confined to any particular gender, age, or background, anyone can be a survivor, and support is available to all who need it.

Watch the Full interview below: