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Guide for professionals

2020-07-14T09:40:11+01:00|8. News|

Social Care Institute for Excellence have developed a quick guide with Respect and SafeLives to provide practical ideas for social care professionals about the impact on domestic violence and abuse as lockdown eases. Click here to read more.

Newsletter – June 2020

2020-06-29T10:46:38+01:00|8. News|

Message to supporters from Lyn Gooding First Light CEO So here we all are in week 13 of lock-down and how different the world looks. Everyone seems to have learnt a new global language, never before did we contemplate holding zoom meetings, be that for business or pleasure, but its platforms like these [...]

Live Web Chat

2020-06-04T10:28:59+01:00|8. News|

We have launched a Live Web Chat Monday to Friday 09:00 - 17:00   This is available on both of our websites firstlight.org.uk and  saferfutures.org.uk   Huge thanks to Cornwall Community Foundation who have kindly funded this project meaning we can potentially reach more people who are in need of advice and support.  [...]

Safe Spaces

2020-05-04T11:59:53+01:00|1. Critical Information, 8. News|

A SAFE SPACE FOR PEOPLE EXPERIENCING DOMESTIC ABUSE DURING THE CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK. UK SAYS NO MORE has teamed up with Boots UK to launch Safe Spaces in their pharmacies across the UK. People affected by domestic abuse will be able to access the consultation rooms in Boots UK pharmacies, where they will be able [...]

The 2.6 Challenge

2020-04-20T19:29:58+01:00|8. News, 9. Fundraising|

We wanted to tell you about a brilliant new campaign that has been created to help support UK charities like First Light, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic: The 2.6 Challenge. Like us here at First Light, thousands of charities across the UK have had to cancel fundraising events. As a domestic abuse and sexual violence support charity we have also had an increase in [...]

Domestic abuse safety tips

2020-04-20T13:51:17+01:00|1. Critical Information, 8. News|

Safer Cornwall have produced a series of videos giving practical advice to those experiencing domestic abuse during Covid-19... Tip 1: Accessing domestic abuse and sexual violence support Tip 2: Preparation increases safety Tip 3: Get up [...]

Safe Lives safety planning guide

2020-04-17T08:02:34+01:00|8. News|

Staying safe during COVID-19 A guide for victims and survivors of domestic abuse Safe Lives have produced a guide for victims and survivors of domestic abuse for staying safe during Covid-19. ''Our message to victims and survivors of domestic abuse...We know that if you are currently experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse you will [...]

Thank you!

2020-04-14T08:57:47+01:00|8. News|

Thank you Coastline Housing and Cornwall Council! Many thanks to everyone who offered supplies of headsets for our helpline team when we put a shoutout across social media last week. All offers were greatly appreciated. HUGE thanks to Chris from Coastline Housing and Cornwall Council who donated headsets to us - AMAZING!!! As [...]

Newsletter – April 2020

2020-04-13T20:03:27+01:00|8. News|

A note from Lyn Gooding - First Light CEO I write this message on World Health Day and so I wanted to take this opportunity to extend our very grateful thanks to all those working in the NHS and other frontline services who are helping to support the unwell and vulnerable. Their selfless [...]