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Give the gift of a safer Christmas

Give the gift of a safer Christmas

Christmas is a particularly vulnerable time for those experiencing domestic abuse. In the UK, police see a 20% rise in domestic violence-related call outs, and domestic violence charities such as ours typically report as much as a 50% rise in calls in the two weeks over Christmas and into the New Year.

While our Helpline is currently supported by statutory funding, that funding only allows us to run from Monday to Saturday. Please consider supporting our aim to extend Helpline hours – £80 will fund a Helpline Support Worker for a day.

We also must raise funds for the various safety devices we provide, such as phones, Sim cards, items to help secure doors and personal alarms – £30 will pay for a mobile phone.

On occasion, we also provide clients with small sums to help them leave an abusive situation, for example, money for petrol, taxi fare or public transport – £10 will buy a bus or train ticket to safety.

Thank you – your donation will help our clients to enjoy a more safe and happy Christmas.

Wishing you and yours the best for the season.
Without First Light I would not be where I find myself today and for that I am very grateful!”
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