Jane’s Story

Jane* had two young children and had been in an abusive and controlling relationship for 10 years. Each time she tried to end the relationship, her partner became increasingly controlling and jealous – he always promised to change; she wanted to believe that he would. After a particularly violent attack, he threatened to kill himself if she didn’t take him back.

Jane then made contact with the Cornwall Domestic Abuse service. Her risk was so high that an Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA) visited that same day, put a safety plan in place and made her home secure. Jane was reluctant to contact the police since she was worried about the impact on her family.

The IDVA organised the provision of legal aid and civil orders were established to protect her and her children. Her partner breached the injunction and Jane, with support from the IDVA, felt empowered to complete a police statement.

Today, Jane’s former partner is now addressing his behaviour as part of a community order, child contact has ceased and Jane hopes that in time, he will accept responsibility for his actions and build a meaningful relationship with his children.

“The support I received was phenomenal. It was instrumental in putting support mechanisms in place to ensure that I was safe and they also guided me through the minefield of steps/ processes that I needed to go through in order to do this longer term.

“Having someone on my side and emotionally supportive was so important to keep me going when things were really tough.”

*All names and identifying details have been changed in the case study.