Risk Evaluation and Co-ordination Hub (REACH)

///Risk Evaluation and Co-ordination Hub (REACH)

Risk Evaluation and Co-ordination Hub (REACH)

REACH stands for Risk Evaluation and Coordination Hub.

It’s a single point of contact for anyone experiencing domestic abuse aged 16 and above.

REACH is open Monday – Friday from 0900hrs – 1700hrs

The purpose of REACH is to:

  • Information – We will be able to support you to work out the most relevant service/s to meet you and/or your children’s needs
  • Advice & Signposting – We will listen to your issues and work with you to identify the best and most safe option for you and your family.
  • Risk Assessment – It is important to fully understand the risks that you are facing so that we can help you access the safest and most protective measures available. We use a specialist questionnaire used by professionals to work out your level of risk and then to guide us in planning with you your individualised Safety and Support Plan.
  • Referrals to other Agencies / Services – On the basis of the risk assessment and your needs we will help you to access the most relevant agency or service to provide you with support for the future.

The aim of REACH is to:

Make our service as accessible as possible to any person who is experiencing domestic abuse.

The service will offer appropriate and tailor made packages of support to suit the needs and the level of risk experienced by the individual victim. This includes support and advice at all stages of an abusive relationship – if you are experiencing abuse for the first time or if you decide you want to leave a relationship.

Who can access the service?

You can access our free and confidential advice and support service if you are currently experiencing domestic abuse or have previously experienced it in the past and are still living with the effects of it. Our experienced domestic abuse workers will work with you to look at your options and support you with your decisions, providing you with information, guidance and advice along the way.

Our staff can offer you help and guidance with factors such as; housing, benefits, safety planning, child contact, restoration of family or friend relationships, support through the criminal justice or civil justice system or helping you cope with the emotional effect of domestic abuse.

All contact with us is confidential no matter how you decide to contact us, by telephone or via our website. There are exceptions to this rule.  We have a written confidentiality policy which will be explained to you at your first contact.

We also provide general information, advice and support for individuals who want to learn more about our services or who want to support a friend or family member who is in an abusive relationship.