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Children and young people’s support

Whether a child or young person has experienced domestic abuse or sexual violence directly or indirectly, this can be a very difficult time.
That’s where we come in.

Children and young people’s support

Whether a child or young person has experienced domestic abuse or sexual violence directly or indirectly, this can be a very difficult time.
That’s where we come in.

First Light’s specialist advisors for children and young people have significant experience of supporting families. Providing them with a safe space, support through the criminal justice system, both inside and outside of court.

They’ll also help with advice, referrals to other agencies, coping skills and creating a bespoke care plan that’s tailored to your needs.

We can also provide free specialist counselling and access into other recovery programmes.

I actually feel like I have a life to live now.”

Helping you plan a positive future

Working with our partner agencies, including the NSPCC & Barnardo’s, we’ll make sure that you and your child receive the highest level of care and support.

Children and young people are entitled to a range of special measures to help them give evidence in court, which can be explained to you by your dedicated advisor.

We’ll also help facilitate access to specialist aftercare services to give you the best chance of embarking on a positive and healthy future.

What can you expect from our children’s service:

  • compassionate and independent service,
  • a dedicated advisor of your chosen gender to meet your individual needs,
  • a safe, comfortable and child friendly place to meet,
  • full explanation of the Criminal Justice System,
  • one-to-one support & guidance through the investigation and court process,
    regular telephone support,
  • attendance as your representative at interviews & court appearances,
  • pre-court visits & introduction to witness care staff,
  • assistance with Criminal Injuries compensation,
  • information and support to help you report a crime to the police/social services,
  • fast-track referral pathways to supporting agencies,
  • coping skills for family members,
  • liaison between you, the police, barristers CPS, social services, NSPCC and other parties,
  • signposting and referral to other specialist agencies,
  • a bespoke care plan just for you.
Find out more about getting help for yourself, or for someone else.

Play therapy

Younger children who have experienced sexual abuse can find it difficult to voice and explain their emotions.

Our specially trained team in Plymouth uses play therapy, giving each child the time and space to share their thoughts, feelings and emotions, without having to find the words.

We use a range of play, storytelling, fantasy, music, mood cards, books and other therapeutic items. Play allows children to control the narrative, helping them to explore their feelings .

Call us on 03458 12 12 12 to find out how to make a professional referral for a child.

Young people’s counselling

A safe and confidential space to talk about what has happened to you. Our professional team are specially trained to support children and young people, aged 11-17, who have been raped or sexually assaulted.

We offer face-to-face counselling at our Therapy Centre in Plymouth. We work with what’s called a Person Centred model, meaning we listen and respond to what you want to talk about in your sessions and what feels important to you.

We can offer counselling to young people face-to-face, via the telephone or by video call. Make a referral.

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First Light is a charity supporting people in Cornwall, Devon and Wiltshire who have been affected by domestic abuse and sexual violence.

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If you’re experienced sexual violence or domestic abuse, First Light are here to help you find a way through and move towards a brighter future.