Safer Futures accept therapy referrals from professionals and self-referrers for adults aged  16+ who have recently experienced sexual violence (within the past 12 months) and/or recently completed a SARC/ISVA or Criminal Justice Intervention (within the past 12 months). We also provide pre-trial therapy for people who are currently within the Criminal Justice Process.

Safer Futures also accepts referrals from professionals and self-referrers for children aged 5-16 years if they have experienced domestic abuse or sexual violence. Safer Futures will assess all referrals to determine  if the therapy service is appropriate for the individual.

Therapy is provided by a team of experienced and qualified therapists who are BACP registered and/or accredited. This team provides a wide range of therapeutic interventions. Therapy can be provided either one-to-one or in a group setting. We provide therapy sessions throughout Cornwall within settings such as community hospitals and schools.

Adults who are aged 16+ and have experienced domestic abuse can refer to Safer Futures and they will then be referred on to our partner organisation WAVES who will assess their suitability for counselling.

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