What happens at DASH refresher training?

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What happens at DASH refresher training?

First Light offers specialist training for professionals working in the community who may come across victims of domestic abuse.There are two courses on offer – DASH and DASH refresher. DASH stands for Domestic Abuse, Stalking, Harassment and Honour-Based abuse. It’s the shorthand for a specific risk assessment framework that people working across agencies can use to identify the extent of risk a person may be under. Ultimately, it was designed to save lives.

When used effectively, the DASH risk assessment framework can empower professionals to take action against domestic abuse, whatever form it takes.

The training itself, whilst practical, is also enlightening and brings together latest legislation and current policy.

At First Light, our training is delivered by Ann Ferguson, a hugely experienced practitioner who has worked in the education sector for nearly 20 years and has a BEd Hons degree with Qualified Teaching Status. She is accredited to deliver the DASH training on behalf of First Light and works within the charity sector to safeguard children.

Ann is also an Associate Lecturer for Worcester University and specialises in child protection and the impacts of domestic abuse on both adults and children.

Ann shares with us why professionals should consider DASH refresher training:

Why does First Light offer DASH refresher training?

It is important that First Light take their responsibility to the existing DASH trained professionals seriously.  Consequently, this course aims to reinforce your previously acquired knowledge and skills to allow you to carry out your risk assessments of domestic abuse victims safely.

Why is the training important and how do professionals and practitioners use it?

‘The DASH is a lifeline for many victims.  The questions and answers are important, so too is the action that you take.’ (Richards 2018).
The DASH Risk Assessment Checklist is a risk management tool that helps professionals to keep victims safe.  Risk is difficult to predict, but the DASH form will assist professionals to put strategies into place that will address the risk that the perpetrator poses to the victim and/or their children.

What are the topics you cover?

The refresher training will remind professionals how the DASH form is completed.  The training also takes a more in depth look at Stalking and Honour Based Abuse including an overview of current legislation.

Who is it suitable for?

The refresher training is suitable for anyone who completed the DASH training more than 18 months ago.  It is suitable for any professional who works with victims of domestic abuse.

How often should I update my training?

Ideally every 18 months, as legislation is constantly changing.

For the latest dates for DASH and DASH refresher and information on how to book, go here.

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