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Worried about your own behaviour

Help for people who abuse their partners

It can be tough facing up to difficult problems.

‘Sometimes when we argue and I shout at my partner and they are scared of me’

‘I slapped them once and I promised myself it would never happen again – but I hit them again…’

‘I get angry with them and I totally lose it…’

Do you recognise yourself in any of these statements? Are you concerned that your behaviour towards your partner is costing you your relationship? Are you worried your children are witnessing too many arguments between their parents?

You might have done some things only once or twice, but in many cases you’ll notice that there is a pattern to the abusive things you do. By making yourself more aware of your abusive behaviours it will become easier to make changes and stop.

However, changing abusive behaviours is a long and difficult process. We encourage you to get in touch with First Light so that you can get some support. It is still your responsibility to own up to your abuse and try to change. We offer some ideas about things you can do.

We believe that people can change. It will take a lot of hard work but it can happen. As long as you take full responsibility of your actions and you commit yourself to changing, it can happen with the right kind of help.